On the mass flow rate from silos with lateral exit holes


  • A. Medina
  • D. A
  • G. J
  • K. Kesava Rao
  • C. A


Granular systems, granular flow, static sandpiles


The mass flow rate, $\overset{\cdot }{m}$, associated with the lateral outflow of dry, cohesionless granular material through circular orifices of diameter $D$ made in vertical walls of silos was measured experimentally in order to determine also the influence of the wall thickness of the silo, $w$. Geometrical arguments, based on the outflow happening, are given in order to have a general correlation for $\overset{\cdot }{m}$ embracing both quantities, $D$ and $w$. The angle of repose appears to be an important characterization factor in these kinds of flows.




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A. Medina, D. A, G. J, K. Kesava Rao, and C. A, “On the mass flow rate from silos with lateral exit holes”, Rev. Mex. Fís., vol. 59, no. 4, pp. 287–0, Jan. 2013.