Electronic excitation of C6H6 by positron impact


  • J. L. S. Lino Assessoria e Orientac¸ ˜ao Estudantil-AOE, Cep:12242-000, S˜ao Jos´e dos Campos, S˜ao Paulo, Brasil.




Born positron scaling


Experiments on electronic excitation of molecules using positron as incident particle have shown much larger cross sections than in the electron scattering case.  The comprehension of these inelastic processes represent a great challenge and only few studies on electronic excitation of molecules are discussed in the literature. For example, for the C6H6 molecule experimental and theoretical calculations are not in a very advanced state same for electron scattering case (Benzene represent a simplest aromatic hydrocarbon and very important chemical compound due to its role as a key precursor in process pharmaceutical). Recent experiments on electronic excitation of C6H6 (1B1u, and 1E1u electronic states) using electron as incident particle are available by Kato et al (J.Chem.Phys.134 134308(2011)). Motivated by their experiments we have taken up the task to investigate the same electronic excitation of C6H6 using positron as incident particle.  For the first time, integral cross sections in e+ - C6H6 (1B1u, and 1E1u electronic states) using the scaling Born positron (SBP) approach are reported and in the absence of the experimental data and developments theoretical, comparisons are made with analogous electron scattering.

Keywords: Born, positron, scaling



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