Eigensolutions of the N-dimensional Schrödinger equation interacting with Varshni-Hulthén potential model


  • E. P. Inyang University of Calabar
  • E. S. William University of Calabar
  • J. A. Obu University of Calabar




N-Dimensional Schrödinger equation, Nikiforov-Uvarov method, eigenvalues, eigenfunction, Varshni- Hulthén potential.


Analytical solutions of the N-dimensional Schrödinger equation for the newly proposed Varshni-Hulthén potential are obtained within the framework of Nikiforov-Uvarov method by using Greene-Aldrich approximation scheme to the centrifugal barrier. The numerical energy eigenvalues and the corresponding normalized eigenfunctions are obtained in terms of Jacobi polynomials. Special cases of the potential are equally studied and their numerical energy eigenvalues are in agreement with those obtained previously with other methods. However, the behavior of the energy for the ground state and several excited states is illustrated graphically.


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