Ultrafast dynamics of carriers and phonons of photoinjected double-plasma in aluminium nitride


  • C. Gonçalves Rodrigues School of Exact Sciences and Computing, Pontifical Catholic University of Goias http://orcid.org/0000-0003-0140-9847
  • R. Luzzi Institute of Physics ``Gleb Wataghin'' State University of Campinas-Unicamp




aluminium nitride, plasma semiconductor, photoinjected semiconductor


Aluminum nitride is attracting great interest of the industry and scientific community due to its interesting properties. In this paper is performed a theoretical study on the ultrafast transient transport properties of photoinjected carriers in wurtzite AlN subjected to electric fields up to 80 kV/cm. For this, the Nonequilibrium Statistical Operator Method was used. The evolution towards the steady state of drift velocity of carriers (electrons and holes) and nonequilibrium temperature (carriers and phonons) subpicosecond scale were determined.


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