Optical soliton solutions of nonlinear Davey-Stewartson equation using an efficient method


  • Hatira Gunerhan Kafkas University




Generalized exponential rational function method, Exact soliton solutions, Davey-Stewartson equation, Optical solutions, Nonlinear Partial differential equations.


One of the most important tools for expressing physical phenomena in the world around us is to express problems using differential equations with partial derivatives. This importance has attracted the attention of many researchers. The result of these considerations has been the invention and application of various analytical and numerical methods in solving this category of equations. In this work, we make use of a newly-developed technique called the generated exponential rational function method to compute the exact solution of the Davey-Stewartson equation. According to all research studies I have done so far, there is no similar research work carried out in the present paper. The results attest to the efficiency of the proposed method. The method used in this paper has the ability to be employed in other cases in solving equations with relative derivatives.


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