Modified exponential function method for nonlinear mathematical models with Atangana conformable derivative




The modified exponential function method, The space-time fractional modified Benjamin-Bona-Mahony equation, Fractional Sharma-Tasso-Olver equation, Atangana conformable derivative, contour surfaces


In this study, we investigate the analytical solutions of the modified Benjamin Bona Mahony and Sharma-Tosso-Olver equations, which are defined with Atangana conformable fractional derivative, using the modified exponential function method. Analytical solutions of the modified Benjamin Bona Mahony and Sharma-Tosso-Olver equations were obtained by using the modified exponential function method. Two, three-dimensional and contour graphics are used to understand the physical interpretations of the resulting analytical solutions to the mathematical model. When all these results and graphs are analzyed, it has been shown that the modified exponential function method is an effective method for obtaining analytical solutions for all other nonlinear fractional partial differential equations containing conformable fractional derivatives of Atangana.


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