Application of the modified simple equation method for solving two nonlinear time-fractional long water wave equations




Fractional partial differential equations, Modified simple equation method, Conformable fractional derivative, Approximate long water wave equation, Coupled Boussinesq-Burger equation


Recently, non-linear fractional partial differential equations are used to model many phenomena in applied sciences and engineering. In this study, the modified simple equation scheme is implemented to obtain some new traveling wave solutions of the non-linear conformable time-fractional approximate long water wave equation and the non-linear conformable coupled time-fractional Boussinesq-Burger equation, which are used in the expression of shallow-water waves. The time- fractional derivatives are described in terms of conformable fractional derivative sense. Consequently, new exact traveling wave solutions of both equations are achieved. The graphics and correctness of the wave solutions are obtained with the Mathematica package program.


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