Preparation, thermal analysis, and crystal structure refinement of the quaternary alloy (CuIn)2NbTe5


  • P. Grima-Gallardo Universidad de Los Andes
  • M. Palmera Centro Nacional de Tecnolog´ıas O´ pticas y Centro de Investigaciones de Astronom´ıa
  • J. A. Aitken Duquesne University
  • J. Cisterna Universidad de Antofagasta
  • I. Brito Universidad de Antofagasta
  • Gerzon E. Delgado Laboratorio de Cristalografía, Departamento de Química, Facultad de Ciencias, Universidad De Los Andes, Mérida, Venezuela



Chalcogenide, P -chalcopyrite, chemical synthesis, crystal structure, thermal analysis


The quaternary alloy (CuIn)2NbTe5 was synthesized by solid-state reaction using the melt and annealing technique. The thermal analysis shows that this compound melts at 1026 K. The present alloy is isotypic with Cu2FeIn2Se5 and crystallizes in the space group P2c (Nº 112), with unit cell parameters a = 6.1964(2) Å, c = 12.4761(4) Å, c/a = 2.01, V = 479.02(3) Å3. (CuIn)2NbTe5, belonging to the system (CuInSe2)1-x(FeSe)x with x= ⅓, is a new adamantane compound with a P-chalcopyrite structure. This structure is characterized by a double alternation of anions-cations layers according to the Te-Te : Nb-In-Nb-In : Cu-In-Cu-In : Te-Te sequence, along the 010 direction.


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