CdTe mini-modules characterization and photovoltaic performance under outdoors conditions




CdTe mini-modules, solar cells, thin films, CdS, CdTe


Pollycrystalline CdTe thin films deposited in large areas present some difficulties, such as non-uniformity over the entire area. It is well known that the ratio between the thickness and grain size of CdTe thin films is approximately one. In contrast, the pin holes in CdTe should be minimized.  CdS thin films as window materials must guarantee a uniform transparent film free of pinholes to avoid short-circuiting in the photovoltaic device. In this work, CdTe and CdS thin films are reported in areas of 40 cm2 with optimal physical properties for potential application on solar cells. CdTe mini-modules were fabricated using CdTe and CdS layers obtained and characterized under outdoor conditions. The current-voltage measurements were performed under different charge and solar irradiance conditions.


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