Investigation of the gamma-ray efficiency for various scintillation detector systems


  • Nuray Yavuzkanat Bitlis Eren University
  • Menekşe Şenyiğit
  • Muhammet Kaplan



Efficiency, NaI(Tl), LaBr_3, GAGG(Ce), SrI_2, GATE


The calibrations of the full-energy peak efficiency, energy, and energy resolution are the main factors for successful quantitative gamma-ray analysis. The first purpose of this work is to present the calibration factors for 2"x2" ScintiPack Model 296 NaI(Tl). The detector was irradiated with radioactive sources ( 137 Cs, 60 Co, 152 Eu point sources, and 241 Am, 22 Na cylinder-shaped sources) that emit photons at different energies from 59 keV to 1408 keV. The detector efficiency was also evaluated using Geant4 based GATE simulation. The analytical equations for efficiency calibration were found out with their parameters. Since the results obtained from the experimental and simulation were compatible with each other and with literature results, then the simulation model was modified into the novel scintillation detector systems such as; LaBr3, GAGG(Ce), and SrI2 .


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