Microscopic spin orbit analysis for proton+9Be scattering


  • Zakaria Mahmoud Physics Department, Faculty Of Science, King Khalid University, Suadi Arabia.




Proton nucleus scattering, p 9Be scattering; p 9Be analyzin power, microscopic spin orbit potential, folding model


microscopic folded potentials for both the real central and the spin-orbit (SO). For the imaginary central, we used surface Woods-Saxon (WS) potential. We aimed to test the microscopic SO potential based on the M3Y effective nucleon-nucleon (NN) interaction for the light system p+$^9$Be. The present calculation showed that the microscopic SO potential is satisfactory reproduce $A_y$ above 8 MeV and qualitatively reproduced $A_y$ below 8 MeV. In addition, we found that the calculated real central potentials are successfully reproduced the $d\sigma/d\Omega$ for all the considered energies. From the present analysis, we excepted that the present microscopic SO potential could reproduce successfully the $A_y$ for p+nucleus as the incident proton energy increases above 10 MeV.


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