Amplitude and phase measument using reflection polarization mode of a prism-based surface plasmon resonance


  • Hector Hugo Sánchez Hernández Optica
  • Juan Manuel Peréz-Abarca Universidad del Papaloapan
  • Agustín Santiago Alvarado Universidad Tecnológica de la Mixteca
  • A. Sinue Cruz-Felix Universidad Tecnologica de la Mixteca



Surface plasmon, Polarization, Ellipsometry, Film thickness


In this paper, the amplitude and phase characteristics of internal reflection of gold nanofilms are investigated using polarization modulation of electromagnetic radiation in the Kretschmann geometry, an excited wavelength of the SPR at 633 nm is considered. The numerical results that are presented in this work are based on the substrate, the variation of the thickness of the dielectric and the type of plasmonic material using gold (Ag), through the ellipsometry parameters Ψ and ∆.

Author Biographies

Juan Manuel Peréz-Abarca, Universidad del Papaloapan

Profesor- Investigador

Agustín Santiago Alvarado, Universidad Tecnológica de la Mixteca



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H. H. Sánchez Hernández, J. M. . Peréz-Abarca, A. Santiago Alvarado, and A. S. Cruz-Felix, “Amplitude and phase measument using reflection polarization mode of a prism-based surface plasmon resonance”, Rev. Mex. Fís., vol. 68, no. 3 May-Jun, pp. 031304 1–, May 2022.