Description of Nuclear Properties for 114-128Cd Isotopes


  • A. Mohammed-Ali University of Mosul
  • R. B. Alkhayat University of Mosul
  • M. M. Yousif University of Mosul
  • Mushtaq Al-Jubbori University of Mosul
  • H. H. Kassim University of Kerbala
  • F. I. Sharrad University of Kerbala



IBM-1; Energy Level; Potential Energy; Cadmium Isotopes; NEE


In this paper, the energy levels of the ground-state band (GSB) and other states for 114−128Cd isotopes have been determined using the Interacting Boson Model (IBM-1) with a New Empirical Equation (NEE). The GSB results showed that the IBM-1, NEE, and available experimental data were all in fairly consistent. The NEE and IBM-1 calculations for the high states above 6+ state are slightly overestimated compared to the experimental data, with the exception of the 114Cd and 118Cd nuclei. Furthermore, the reduced transition probabilities B(E2) extracted from the IBM-1 model agree well with the available experimental data. The potential energy surface (EPS) was also examined with the IBM-1. The EPS contour results for Cd isotopes demonstrate that the Cd isotopes under investigation represent a smooth transition behavior from light Cd nuclei toward a more collective vibrational mode as the neutron number increases.


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