Investigation of 9,10Be weakly bound nuclei elastically scattered from 208Pb


  • Sh. Hamada Faculty of Science, Tanta University
  • Awad Ibraheem Faculty of Science King Khalid University



elastic scattering, phenomenological potential, Cluster folding, Coupled channels, Breakup potential


Experimental angular distributions for the weakly bound 9,10Be nuclei elastically scattered from 208Pb target at various energies are investigated using phenomenological and microscopic potentials. The considered data in this study is: 9Be+208Pb in the energy range of 37.0–75.0 MeV and 10Be+208Pb in the energy range of 38.4–43.9 MeV. The performed analysis reflects the nature and peculiarities of the considered projectiles. For the 9Be+208Pb nuclear system, the data showed a typical Fresnel diffraction scattering pattern and the Coulomb rainbow phenomenon is well presented due to the interference between partial waves refracted by the Coulomb and nuclear potentials. The 7Li+d and 9Be+n cluster structures of 9Be and 10Be, respectively are studied. The extracted renormalization factors for the real part of potential constructed on the basis of double folding as well as cluster folding could reflect the nature of the loosely bound projectiles.


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