On the critical behavior of the spin-s Ising model


  • Magdy Amin Faculty of Science - Minia University
  • M. Mubark Faculty of Science, Minia University
  • Y. Amin Faculty of Science, Minia University




Ising model; exact solution; transfer matrix method; thermodynamic and magnetic properties


The spin-s one dimensional Ising model is studied analytically within the framework of transfer matrix method. Exact results for some thermodynamical properties such as the internal energy, the entropy, the magnetization and the magnetic susceptibility are obtained for general spin-s in the absence (presence) of a magnetic field. The critical behavior of the thermodynamical properties are analysed for some values of spin-s (1/2, 1 and 3/2) at different temperature and field. The asymptotic behavior of these properties are investigated especially close to the critical temperature T → 0 and when T → ∞.


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