Numerical characterization of shock separation in a laboratory-scale nozzle


  • Mohammed Nedjari Djillali Liabès University
  • A. Benarous Saad Dahlab University
  • A. Benazza Djillali Liabès University



Overexpanded nozzle, contraction profile, shock separation, thrust coefficient, computational fluid dynamics (CFD)


The purpose of this work is to perform a CFD study of the free shock separation (FSS) in an overexpanded nozzle. The original contraction profile of the nozzle was numerically replaced by a set of curves, where the overall length was identical with the test-rig. For the baseline case, the static pressure and the separation location exhibited a good agreement with the experimental measurements, provided by the DLR. The Error-function contraction profile has revealed a relative displacement of 1.38% on the separation location in the core flow direction. In this case, there was an increase in the thrust coefficient, that has been improved up to 1.7% in comparison with the baseline nozzle design.


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