The non-relativistic treatment of heavy tetraquark masses in the logarithmic quark potential


  • M. abu-shady faculty of science. Menoufia Un. Egypt
  • M. M. A. Ahmed Al-Azhar University
  • N. H. Gerish Suez Canal University



heavy tetraquarks, Non-Relativistic models


In the non-relativistic quark model, the interaction potential for the tetraquark is proposed which involves the logarithmic potential, linear potential, harmonic potential, and spin-spin interaction potential. Analytically, the non-relativistic Bethe-Salpeter equation is solved, with diquark-antidiquark congurations taken into account. The work iscompared to other recent works. Our results of the heavy tetraquark may provide useful information for future experimental data.


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M. abu-shady, . M. M. A. Ahmed, and N. H. Gerish, “The non-relativistic treatment of heavy tetraquark masses in the logarithmic quark potential”, Rev. Mex. Fís., vol. 68, no. 6 Nov-Dec, pp. 060801 1–, Nov. 2022.