Impacts of nonlinearity and wave dispersion parameters on the soliton pulses of the (2+1)-dimensional Kundu–Mukherjee–Naskar equation


  • S M Rayhanul Islam
  • Dipankar Kumar
  • Emmanuel Fendzi-Donfack
  • Mustafa Inc Firat University



KMNE; Unified method; Soliton pulse; Wave dispersion; Nonlinearly


In this study, we explain the impacts of nonlinearity and wave dispersion parameters on the soliton pulses of the (2+1)-dimensional Kundu–Mukherjee–Naskar equation (KMNE). In this regard, some new optical solitons are received via the unified method to the aforesaid equation to explain such impacts of the soliton pulses. The presenting optical solitons are expressed by the dark, periodic, bell, bright, kink, and singular soliton solutions. Taking into account the two impacts help stabilize the soliton pulses during their propagation by generating new dynamics depending upon the nonlinearity and the wave dispersion parameters of the studied equation. All the characteristics of the soliton pulses are exhibited graphically. It is found from the graphical outputs that the soliton profiles are decreasing and increasing with the increase of nonlinearity and dispersion parameters, respectively. The outcomes reveal that the soliton pulses are balanced due to the influences of nonlinearity and wave dispersion parameters of the aforementioned equation. It is mentioned that the impact of wave dispersion and nonlinearity parameters on the soliton pulses has not been discussed in the past. Therefore, the applied method permits the explanation of the various wave dynamics by analyzing the attained soliton solutions in nonlinear optical fibers systems, which can be used for further studies.


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