Analysis of 4,6,8He+208Pb elastic scattering at E=22 MeV using various potentials


  • Awad Ibraheem Faculty of Science King Khalid University



Density distributions, elastic scattering, optical potential, cluster folding, CDCC, Sao Paulo potential


Using phenomenological and microscopic potentials, the experimental angular distributions for the 4,6,8He nuclei elastically scattered from a 208Pb target at  are investigated. Both the modified version of CDM3Y6 interaction based on the inclusion of the rearrangement term (RT) and those obtained from the Sao Paulo Potentials are used for the microscopic potentials. The cluster folding potential for 6He+208Pb is calculated using the triton + triton cluster structure for 6He. This analysis revealed that the real cluster folding potential strength must be reduced by about 90%. Using the extracted potentials, the total reaction cross sections were successfully reproduced.


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