Cerámicos sol-gel de Sm2O3:Eu3+ obtenidos por el método sol-gel de citrato


  • Antonieta García Murillo Instituto Politécnico Nacional
  • L. E. Francisco Martínez Instituto Politécnico Nacional
  • F. de J. Carrillo Romo Instituto Politécnico Nacional




Sm2O3; Eu2O3 sol-gel; ceramics; luminescence


Europium doped and mixed with Sm2O3 ceramics were obtained from europium and samarium chlorides formation via citrate sol-gel route. This work reports the influence of the europium ions on the structural and luminescent properties of Sm2O3:Eu3+ ceramics (CIE coordinates) by varying the Eu3+ from 10 to 50 mol%. Chemical, structural, and morphological characteristics were established by FTIR and XRD, revealing the presence of characteristics Sm-O vibrational bands of a cubic structure up to 40 mol% Eu3+ and a phase mixture of Sm2O3 and Eu2O3 from 50 mol% Eu3+. The CIE coordinates values and color emission were established for Sm2O3:Eu3+ (10, 20, 30, 40 y 50 mol%) ceramics, for both, samples with a single phase and the one with mixed phases.


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