Catching CO2 pollutant gas through nanocomposite formed by chitosan with non-circular C16 carbon double ring: VAMP study


  • Juan Horacio Pacheco-Sánchez TecNM / Instituto Tecnológico de Toluca
  • F. J. Isidro-Ortega TecNM / Instituto Tecnológico de Toluca
  • I.-P. Zaragoza TecNM / Campus Instituto Tecnológico de Tlalnepantla



Monomer chitosan copolymer; non-circular carbon ring; CO2 pollutant gas; nanocomposite; VAMP study


VAMP study for catching CO2 on nanocomposite generated by chitosan with non-circular C16 carbon ring, for contributing to distinguish the need for ambient air cleaning. Our aim is to modify porosity of chitosan as adsorbent of pollutant agents. At this time our searching is for taking profit of chitosan and carbon rings as new nanocomposite to be applied on air cleaning of pollutant gas, as it is carbon dioxide (CO2). In here, a new material is proposed for pollutant gas capture to reduce atmospheric CO2 levels. Particularly, C16 double carbon ring is responsible for catching CO2, while on the one side chitosan is only capable to break CO2 molecules, on the other side it can be surrounded by carbon ring molecules to catch more CO2, pollutant molecules.


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