Stirnol Engine: A combination of Nitinol (shape memory alloy) and Gamma Stirling Engine


  • H. Arif PNEC, NUST
  • A. Shah PNEC, NUST
  • T. A. Hussain Ratlamwala PNEC, NUST
  • K. Kamal PNEC, NUST
  • M. Ahmed NED



Stirling engine, Stirnol engine, Nitinol, Stirling cryocooler, Austenitic/Martensitic finish temperatures, Shape Memory Effect


Global pursuit to meet emergent energy demands necessitates finding simple and cost effective solutions. A promising solution is the application of renewable energy with thermo-mechanical conversion systems such as Stirling engines. Considerable effort is in hand at industry and academia domains to stimulate the development of Stirling technology. Foregoing, this paper focuses on modelling of Low Temperature Difference (LTD) gamma-type Stirling engine and investigating means of enhancing its performance through integration of Nitinol spring. The CFD models were comprehensively developed to simulate the engine, which have been subsequently validated through experimental data. The results reveal that addition of Nitinol Spring enhances the overall efficiency of engine demonstrating affirmative impact of shape memory alloy towards performance output of Stirling engine.


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H. Arif, A. Shah, T. A. Hussain Ratlamwala, K. Kamal, and M. Ahmed, “Stirnol Engine: A combination of Nitinol (shape memory alloy) and Gamma Stirling Engine”, Rev. Mex. Fís., vol. 69, no. 3 May-Jun, pp. 030601 1–, May 2023.