Comprehensive examination of the elastic scattering angular distributions of 10C+4He, 27Al, 58Ni and 208Pb using various potentials.


  • M. N. El-Hammamy Damanhur University
  • Awad Ibraheem Faculty of Science King Khalid University
  • M. El-Azab Farid Assiut University
  • E. F. Elshamy King Khalid University
  • Sh. Hamada Tanta University



Elastic scattering; Sao Paulo potential; phenomenological potential; cluster folding; dynamical polarization potential


The recently measured elastic scattering angular distributions for 10C + 4He, 10C + 27Al, 10C + 58Ni and 10C + 208Pb nuclear systems are investigated in the current study using various potentials based on phenomenological, semi microscopic as well as microscopic approaches. The implemented potentials are: optical potential, double folding potentials based on both Sao Paulo and CDM3Y6 interactions with and without taking into account the effect of the rearrangement term, as well as the cluster folding potential. The cluster nature of 10C as a core of 9B with a valence proton orbiting this core is applied to generate the cluster folding potentials for the different considered systems. The concerned experimental data is fairly reproduced with all the aforementioned potentials.


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