A new approach to contact angle measurement and effects of evaporation on the contact angle


  • Musa Faruk Cakir Çankırı Karatekin University




Contact angle measuring system; full angle method; wettability; evaporation effect; contact angle


The solid material's wettability behavior is determined by the contact angle value. The wettability of materials is critical in the coating, lubricating, and insulating industries. In high-tech industries including corrosion resistance, water-oil separation, medical material production, implant technology, and friction reduction, the contact angle is very important. A new method called the full angle method was used to measure the contact angle and compared with current methods. The wettability behavior of plexiglass, which is employed in a variety of applications ranging from lighting to decorating, and industrial designs to accessory production, was explored in this study. The measurement of the contact angle was done by dropping 1.8 M (molar) of saltwater over the plexiglass materials. In order to examine the effect of evaporation on the contact angle, changes in contact angle, height and baseline were investigated depending on the waiting time. 


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