Vibration control of FGM plate using optimally placed piezoelectric patches


  • Zouaoui SATLA Tissemsilt University, Dept. of Sciences and Technologies
  • Lakhdar Boumia Ahmed Ben Yahia El Wancharissi University – Tissemsilt
  • Mohamed Kherrab Ahmed Ben Yahia El Wancharissi University – Tissemsilt



functionally graded material, piezoelectric, Actuator, Sensor, LQR controller


The aim of this study is to propose a methodology to actively control the vibration of functionally graded plates, with the help of piezoelectric actuators and sensors. The study relays on the classical plate theory to analytically formulate the governing equation of motion, which is then expanded to derive a space state equation of the model. The material properties of the FG plate are assumed to vary along the thickness direction. In order to improve the damping effectiveness, the location of the piezoelectric sensors and actuators is optimally determined using the H2 norm. The necessary control voltage was determined based on optimal LQR and LQG controllers.


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Z. SATLA, L. . Boumia, and M. . Kherrab, “Vibration control of FGM plate using optimally placed piezoelectric patches”, Rev. Mex. Fís., vol. 70, no. 1 Jan-Feb, pp. 011002 1–, Jan. 2024.