Photothermal properties of Fe3O4 nanoparticles coated with turmeric extract


  • Margarita Alvarado CINVESTAV
  • A. E. Matías Reyes CINVESTAV
  • A. Cruz-Orea CINVESTAV
  • J. Santoyo-Salazar CINVESTAV
  • F. A. Domínguez-Pacheco SEPI-ESIME Zacatenco
  • C. Hernández-Aguilar SEPI-ESIME Zacatenco
  • A. A. Duran-Ledezma SEPI-ESIME Ticomán



Magnetite, Nanoparticles, Curcuma longa, Photopyroelectric technique, Thermal diffusivity, Thermal effusivity


In this study, we synthesized magnetite nanoparticles through a modified coprecipitation route and subsequently coated them directly with Curcuma longa extract. The resulting nanoparticles were then dispersed in distilled water to create a nanofluid. The particle size distribution ranged between 9 to 18 nm according to Transmission Electron Microscopy and Dynamic Light Scattering. The nanofluid’s thermal parameters were obtained by photothermal techniques, obtaining their thermal diffusivity, effusivity, conductivity, and heat capacity per unit volume. The Thermal Wave Resonator Cavity was employed to measure the thermal diffusivity, while the Inverse Photopyroelectric photothermal technique was used to determine the effusivity value. The obtained thermal parameters were close to the carrier liquid (distilled water), being a preliminary study that can be analyzed to improve the heat transfer application in other suspension fluids.


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