A lepton model with nearly Cobimaximal mixing


  • Juan Carlos Gómez Instituto Politécnico Nacional
  • Asahel Enrique Pozas Ramírez Instituto Politécnico Nacional




Cobimaximal; lepton mixings; Dirac


Cobimaximal mixing predicts π/4 and 3π/2 for the atmospheric angle and the Dirac CP-violating phase, respectively. These values are in tension with the neutrino global fits. If this pattern was behind the lepton mixings, then it would have to be broken. In that case, in this paper, we explore the S3 flavor symmetry within the B − L gauge model where the aforementioned scheme comes from the neutrino sector but the charged lepton contribution breaks the well known predictions so the mixing observables as well as the mee mass can be accommodated quite well according to the available data. Notably, the predicted regions for the Dirac CP-violating phase would allow us to test the model in future experiments.


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