Projective method for spinorial techniques: Unifying calculational schemes of Dirac amplitudes


  • E. Sanchez Instituto de Física, UNAM
  • M. Moreno Instituto de Física, UNAM



Spinor techniques, Dirac Amplitudes, Compton Scattering


There have been numerous approaches to the calculation of spin dependent amplitudes for Dirac particles. All of them have their own advantages, particularly, the standard method of calculation, based on the multiplication by the unit, has a few shortcomings. In this work we use the closure property of the Dirac spinors to present a general method for the amplitude computation. It is shown that the massless spinor method and the helicity spinor method can be formulated through this method. Finally, we get an example of this calculation procedure computing the spin dependent
amplitude for the Compton process.

Author Biography

M. Moreno, Instituto de Física, UNAM

Física Teórica, Professor.




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Sanchez, E., and M. Moreno. 2019. “Projective Method for Spinorial Techniques: Unifying Calculational Schemes of Dirac Amplitudes”. Revista Mexicana De Física 65 (6 Nov-Dec):639-50.