Temperature profiles due to continuous hot water injection into homogeneous fluid-saturated porous media through a line source


  • Abraham Medina ESIME Azcapotzalco, IPN
  • Francisco J. Higuera ETSI Aeronáutica y del Espacio, UPM.
  • Máximo Pliego Instituto Tecnológico de Querétaro
  • Gustavo Gomez ESIME Zacatenco, IPN.




Heat flow in porous media, Flows through porous media, Analytical and numerical techniques of heat transfer


We report a theoretical study to determine the temperature profiles due to the continuous and
constant injection of hot water through a line source, into a homogeneous fluid-saturated porous medium which has had initially a constant temperature T∞. In our treatment we have taken in to account the simultaneous injection of constant fluxes of volume fluid, q, and of heat, φ. By using a far-field description, we found similarity solutions for the dimensionless temperature depending on the Peclet number, P e, as the single parameter of the problem.


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A. Medina, F. J. Higuera, M. Pliego, and G. Gomez, “Temperature profiles due to continuous hot water injection into homogeneous fluid-saturated porous media through a line source”, Rev. Mex. Fís., vol. 67, no. 3 May-Jun, pp. 365–368, May 2021.