Two Reliable Techniques for Solving Conformable Space-Time Fractional PHI-4 Model Arising in Nuclear Physics via β-derivative


  • Berfin Elma Ege University
  • Emine Mısırlı Ege University



The functional variable method, the first integral method, fractional Phi-4 equation, traveling wave solutions, beta-derivative.


Nowadays,  nonlinear fractional partial differential equations have been highly using for modelling of physical phenomena. Therefore, it is very important to achieve exact solutions of fractional differential equations for understanding complex phenomena in mathematical physics. In this study,  new exact traveling wave solutions are reached of space-time fractional Phi-4 equation indicated by Atangana’s conformable derivative using two powerful different techniques. These are the functional variable method and the first integral method. Obtaining new solutions of this equation show that method is effective to understanding other nonlinear complex problems in particle and nuclear physics.


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B. Elma and E. Mısırlı, “Two Reliable Techniques for Solving Conformable Space-Time Fractional PHI-4 Model Arising in Nuclear Physics via β-derivative”, Rev. Mex. Fís., vol. 67, no. 5 Sep-Oct, pp. 050707 1–, Sep. 2021.



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