Impact of AlN interlayer on the electronic and I-V characteristics of In0.17Al0.83N/GaN HEMTs devices


  • Abdelmalek Douara Tissemsilt University
  • Abdelaziz Rabehi Djelfa University of Algeria
  • Oussama Baitiche Ammar Thlidji University of Laghouat



HEMTs, AlN interlayer, Nextnano, 2D–electron gas.


Here, we study a simulation model of In0.17Al0.83N/GaN passivated high electron mobility transistors (HEMTs) on SiC substrate. The research focused systematically on the effet of AlN interlayer on the electronic and electric characteristics using the Nextnano simulation software. The 2D–electron gas density of  In0.17Al0.83N/AlN/GaN HEMTs is investigated through the dependence on various AlN layer thickness, we report calculations of  I-V characteristics, with 1.5 nm AlN thickness, we find the highest maximum output current of 1.81 A/mm at Vgs  1 V, and more than 450 mS/mm as a transconductance peak. The Results are in agreement with experimental data.


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