Structural, mechanical, electronic, thermal, and optical properties of the inverse-Heusler compounds X2RuPb(X = La, Sc): A first-principles investigation


  • Abdelkader BOUAZZA University of Tiaret
  • M. Khirat Djillali Liabes University of Sidi Bel-Abbes
  • M. Larbi Djillali Liabes University of Sidi Bel-Abbes
  • N. Bettahar
  • D. Rached



Inverse-Heusler compounds; density functional theory; topological insulators; mechanical properties; optical properties; elastic constants


Topological insulators are novel quantum material states with insulating bulk band gaps and topologically protected metallic surface states that have been extensively studied owing to their intriguing properties for spintronic and quantum-computing applications. The structural, mechanical, electronic, thermal, and optical properties of inverse Heusler compounds La2RuPb and, Sc2 RuPb in two Hg2CuTi, Cu2 MnAltype structures were calculated using the full potential linear muffin-tin orbital simulation methodology as implemented in the computer code,which is based on density functional theory.We employed the local-density approximation for the exchange and correlation potential (XC) terms. Consequently, the optical characteristics of La2 RuPb, Sc2 RuPb and elastic constants Cij and their corresponding elastic moduli were computed for the first time. According to our structural calculations, La2 RuPb is more stable in its Hg2 CuTi-type structure than Sc2 RuPb in its Cu2 MnAl-type structure. However, the mechanical characteristics demonstrate their stability in the final stages of elastic deformation.


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