Electromagnetic curves and Rytov’s law in the optical fiber with Maxwellian evolution via alternative moving frame


  • Semra Nurkan Usak University
  • Hazal Ceyhan Ankara University
  • Zehra Özdemir Amasya University
  • İsmail Gök Ankara University




Applications to physics, Magnetic flows, Vector fields, Ordinary differential equations, Electromagnetic theory, Maxwell’s equation


In this study, we research the behavior of a linearly-polarized light wave in optical fiber and the rotation of the polarization plane through the alternative moving frame { N,C,W } in Minkowski 3-space. Then Berry’s phase equations are discussed for electromagnetic curves in the { C } and { W } directions along an optic fiber via alternative moving frame in Minkowski 3-space. Moreover, electromagnetic curve’s { C } and { W } Rytov parallel transportation laws are defined. Finally, we examine the electromagnetic curve’s Maxwellian evolution by Maxwell’s equation.


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S. Nurkan, H. Ceyhan, Z. Özdemir, and İsmail Gök, “Electromagnetic curves and Rytov’s law in the optical fiber with Maxwellian evolution via alternative moving frame”, Rev. Mex. Fís., vol. 69, no. 6 Nov-Dec, pp. 061301 1–, Nov. 2023.