Optical nano patch antenna for terahertz applications with graphene


  • Bouchra Moulfi University of Ain Temouchent
  • Souheyla Ferouani University of Ain Temouchen
  • Djalal Ziani Kerarti




Optical antenna, Graphene material properties, return loss, radiation pattern, substrate, terahertz band, optical transmission


Nano optical crescent patch antenna for Terahertz applications using Graphene is designed in this paper. The antenna is designed at 7.28 THZ with several substrates material as PTFE (²r = 2.1), polymide (²r = 3.5), RO3003 (²r = 3), RO4003 (²r = 3.4) and Arlon AD (²r = 2.5). Graphene is the material patch used with different properties such as chemical potential µc = 0.2 eV, relaxation time τ = 1 ps and thickness of 60 nm to achieve a high gain and bandwidth. We obtained a very good performance of crescent antenna at 7.28 THZ with −37.962 dB, 7.124 dBi, 1.767 THZ of return loss, gain and bandwidth respectively which is very satisfactory for terahertz transmission between [0.1-10] THZ.


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