Evolution of electronic bandgap by anion variation to explore niobium new halide double perovskites Cs2GeNbX6 (X = Cl, Br, I) for solar cells and thermoelectric applications: first principles analysis


  • Abbes Labdelli Mostaganem University
  • F.Bendahma Abdelhamid Ibn Badis University
  • M.Mana Abdelhamid Ibn Badis University
  • N.Benderdouche Abdelhamid Ibn Badis University




new halide double perovskites, optoelectronic properties, Solar cells, Direct bandgap semiconductors, Thermoelectric applications, Density functional theory


The structural, electronic, optical, and thermoelectric properties of the niobium new halide double perovskites Cs2GeNbX6 (X = Cl, Br, I) were investigated using a density functional theory method. The generalized gradient approximation (GGA) method is used to project the exchange-correlation potential. The tolerance factor and optimizing total energy define the structure's stability. The magnetic moments of our compounds are high, more than 3μB. The compounds have direct narrow band gaps of 0.69, 0.46, and 0.26 eV, respectively, for Cs2GeNbCl6, Cs2GeNbBr6, and Cs2GeNbI6, as determined by band structure calculations. This is ideal for investigating these compounds for use in solar cells. In addition, the investigated compounds were investigated in terms of optical absorption, refractive index, and dielectric constants for energy range 0–12 eV, ensuring absorption in infrared, visible, and ultraviolet regions. This was done in order to study optical characteristics. The investigated compounds are excellent candidates for harvest solar cell applications due to their maximum visible absorption. They are also good candidates for thermoelectric applications due to their Seebeck coefficient, lattice thermal, electric conductivities and figure of merit (ZT) addressed by Boltzmann theory.

Author Biographies

Abbes Labdelli, Mostaganem University

Mostaganem 27000

F.Bendahma, Abdelhamid Ibn Badis University

Dr F.Bendahma is teacher at Abdelhamid Ibn Badis University, Mostaganem

M.Mana, Abdelhamid Ibn Badis University

Pr M. Mana is a teacher at Abdelhamid Ibn Badis University  Mostaganem

N.Benderdouche, Abdelhamid Ibn Badis University

Pr N. Benderdouche is Vice-rector of the Abdelhamid Ibn Badis University of Mostaganem.


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