Landau levels for a Weyl pair in a monolayer medium and thermal quantities


  • Abdullah Guvendi Erzurum Technical University
  • Abdelmalek Boumali Erzurum Technical University



Landau levels; graphene; Weyl fermions, charge carriers; many-body system; thermal properties


In this paper, we consider a Weyl pair under the effect of an external uniform magnetic field in a monolayer medium without considering any charge-charge interaction between the particles. Choosing the interaction of the particles with the magnetic field in the symmetric gauge we seek for an analytical solution of the corresponding form of a one-time fully-covariant two-body Dirac equation derived from quantum electrodynamics via the action principle. As it is usual with two-body problems, we separate the relative motion and center of mass motion coordinates. Assuming the center of mass is at rest, we derive a matrix equation in terms of the relative motion coordinates without considering any group theoretical method. This equation gives a wave equation in exactly soluble form and accordingly we obtain the spinor components and complete energy eigen-states (in closed form) for such a spinless composite structure. Our results not only give exact Landau levels for such a Weyl pair in a monolayer medium but also show the considered system behaves as a two-dimensional harmonic oscillator. Furthermore, our findings give exactly the excited states of a Weyl particle under the effect of uniform external magnetic field in a monolayer graphene sheet and there is no imprint to distinguish these modes from each other. This means that the performed experiments based on Landau levels for a monolayer graphene sheet may actually involve many-body effects. Our results provide a suitable basis to analyze the associated thermal quantities and accordingly we discuss the thermal properties by determining free energy, total energy, entropy and specific heat for the composite system in question.


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