Accurate parameter estimation of Au/GaN/GaAs schottky diode model using grey wolf optimization


  • Abdelaziz Rabehi Djelfa University of Algeria
  • Abdelmalek Douara
  • Abdelhalim Rabehi
  • Hicham Helal
  • Ahmed Memdouh Younsi
  • Mohammed Amrani
  • Ibn E. Abbas
  • E. Comini
  • Zineb Benamara



Schottky diodes, Grey Wolf Optimization, Electrical measurement, Parameter estimation, Gan, GaAs


The Au/GaN/GaAs Schottky diode is a fundamental electronic component with versatile applications. In this study we delve into the parameter estimation of Au/GaN/GaAs Schottky diodes using the Grey Wolf Optimizer (GWO) algorithm. Our research encompasses experimental procedures, mathematical modeling, and optimization techniques to extract critical electrical parameters, including the ideality factor (n), Schottky barrier height (φbn), and series resistance (RS). The primary aim is to enhance our comprehension of the behavior of Au/GaN/GaAs Schottky diodes and showcase the effectiveness of GWO in achieving precise parameter estimates. These diodes, featuring metal-semiconductor junctions, play pivotal roles in electronics, necessitating accurate parameter determination for optimized functionality. The effectiveness of the GWO algorithm was examined through a comparative analysis, employing analytical techniques pioneered by Cheung and Cheung. This study sought to assess the algorithm’s performance and accuracy in parameter estimation for Au/GaN/GaAs Schottky diodes, providing valuable insights into its practical applicability in electronic device characterization and optimization. Keywords: Schottky diodes, Grey Wolf Optimization, Electrical measurement. Parameter estimation, Gan, GaAs


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