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Suplemento de la Revista Mexicana de Física  (formerly Revista Mexicana de Física S). As of 2019, it is not anymore linked to Revista Mexicana de Física and instead it is an independent online journal, published by Socie­dad Mexicana de Física, A.C. It publishes peer reviewed self-contained volumes on subjects in Physics and related areas as well as selected papers of scientific events in Physics and related areas. Because of its nature, it is a non-periodical journal. It is not yet an indexed publication.

General information to send articles to the Special Issues that are announced in the Suplemento de la Revista Mexicana de Física.
Authors not yet registered on any of the journal platforms published by Sociedad Mexicana de Física A. C., must first do so following the link: https://rmf.smf.mx/ojs/index.php/rmf-s/user/register. Once the username and password are issued by the system, authors can submit contributions following the link: https://rmf.smf.mx/ojs/index.php/rmf-s/login.

Authors already registered on the platform of Revista Mexicana de Física or Revista Mexicana de Física E, may send contributions using their username and password to Suplemento de la Revista Mexicana de Física: https://rmf.smf.mx/ojs/index.php/rmf-s/login

When uploading a work, authors are required to choose the acronym that identifies the name of the event to which they are submitting their contribution in the "Journal Section".

The review process is the same as the one for works received in Revista Mexicana de Física and Revista Mexicana de Física E: https://rmf.smf.mx/ojs/index.php/rmf-s/about

Instructions for authors may be checked in: https://rmf.smf.mx/ojs/index.php/rmf-s/about/submissions. Although there is no limit for the number of pages, it is suggested that papers have an extension between 4 and 8 pages under the journal format. Authors can check as an example the recently published works: https://rmf.smf.mx/ojs/index.php/rmf-s/issue/view/378.

A LaTeX template can be found in the author's guidelines. However, initially it is only required that authors submit a pdf file to start the evaluation process. In case the work is accepted, the source file in LaTeX format will be required (NOTE: if the template does not work due to some incompatibilities of the version, it will be enough to use LaTeX with the preamble \documentclass {article} without the need to use the template). Only when authors are not acquainted with the use of LaTeX, they may send the contribution prepared in Word, written in a single column.


Current Issue

Vol. 2 No. 1 Jan-Mar (2021): Suplemento de la Revista Mexicana de Física. Física de fibras ópticas en México, en memoria del Dr. Evgeny A. Kuzin

Este volumen especial para el Suplemento de la Revista Mexicana de F´ısica cubre diferentes l´ıneas de desarrollo e investigaci´on en el ´area de fibras ´opticas en M´exico y est´a dedicado a la memoria de nuestro respetado Colega y querido amigo el Prof. Evgeny A. Kuzin.

Guest Editors:
Baldemar Ibarra-Escamilla, Instituto Nacional de Astrof´ısica Óptica y Electrónica, México.
Serguei Stepanov, Centro de Investigaci´on Cient´ıfica y de Educaci´on Superior de Ensenada, México.
Roberto Rojas-Laguna, DICIS, Universidad de Guanajuato, M´exico.

Published: 2021-03-31


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